Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Deep tissue percussive massage device designed to target sore muscles with high-speed pulses for a speedy recovery. It treats tired muscles efficiently and fastens the post-workout muscle recovery with a professional massage. It promotes blood circulation by providing a deep targeted massage to the tissues.

6 Replaceable Massage Heads

Comes with 6 massage heads for a customized massage experience. These massage heads allow you to target each muscle of your body, providing a different massage experience with every head.  The massage heads can be replaced easily to enjoy a different relaxing massage experience anytime anywhere.

6 Adjustable Speed Modes

The massager allows you to change the pressure and speed as per your comfort level. Its speed can be upgraded up to six levels for a customizable deep tissue massage. The speed of massage can be adjusted easily by pushing a button to enjoy a more comfortable and appropriate massage as per your requirement.

Excellent T -Shape Design

This is a handheld portable gun massager with a comfortable grip. It has a T-shaped handgrip design that minimizes the effect of vibrations and makes it comfortable to hold for long-time use. While an efficient ventilation system reduces heat during use and improves performance.

Compact, Portable, and Easy to Use

The massage gun is small, compact, and portable. It fits easily into a bag or suitcase for use during traveling. You can use it at home, office, gym, etc. It is simple to use with a push of a button. It shows the level of speed with a blue indicator light so that you can use it to its fullest potential.

Safe and Sturdy

This is a new generation massager that works quietly and protected from damage. As it pulsates, you need to aim the head about 1” away from your body part for safe use. Always start with the lowest intensity and work your way up to enjoy your massage fullest.

Are you looking for a simple, easy, portable, and powerful self-massage tool that gives you options for customizing your massage as per your needs? Well, Dr Physio Supervolt Massage gun has everything that is needed in a personal deep tissue massager. It has six attachments for customizing your massage. Six massage heads include – Ball Head (for massaging big muscles), Small Flat Head (massaging all parts of the body), U Shape Head (for massaging the big muscles like a spine, and neck like areas), Cone Head (for arthrosis and deep muscle group), Big Ball Head (for big and small muscle group) and Arc-shaped Head (for thigh and arm). This massage gun can be used before starting a workout (helps to warm up the muscles) and after a workout (helps to decrease tightness and soreness). Moreover, this gun can improve the overall health of the human body. While 15 minutes is the recommended usage time for an individual. Also, keep moving the massager and avoid using it on the same spot for more than 60 seconds.

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