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We are thrilled to announce that our app has reached 100K+ downloads!



Range of massagers designed to meet your unique recovery & needs

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100% customer satisfaction with hassle free return policy

The story and mission behind our company

"Here at Dr Physio USA, we make the most imaginative, unwinding, and restorative, wellbeing and individual care products."

Does your neck, Does your neck, shoulder, back, or foot hurt? Rewind and recover adjust into your life. At Dr Physio USA, we need to give a non-intrusive answer to help renew and reestablish your muscles and that throbbing painfulness with one of our numerous items.

The variety of items and massagers we carry are intended to target particular territories of the body (neck, shoulder, back, feet, and so on.), and accompany a scope of adaptable capacities to suit your own needs. Since we’re continually in pursuit of excellence, Dr Physio and our research and development team at NY, USA works diligently to ensure each of our items are accessible at a value you will appreciate.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Dr Physio experience!

Strong values that bring great people together

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At our sports massager brand, we’re committed to staying ahead of the game when it comes to innovation. We’re constantly exploring new technology, materials, and techniques to make our products even more effective and user-friendly

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Valuing collaboration to create products meeting customer needs.

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Ownership, pride, accountability for high-quality products and services.

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ommitted to growth, lifelong learning, and skills development for team.

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Passionate about quality. Effective, durable, safe, reliable products. Highest standards.


It blends anatomy and physiology together with acupresure and gentle stretching. a shiatsu therapist will assist your body to regulate and repair back to health.shiatshu is considered a holistic therapy and can be safely used with other comlimentary alternative medicine modalities such as naturopath.NURECA INC276 5th Ave, New York,
NY 10001, USA