Air Pressure Massager Manual 2 Curved

Dr Physio Air Compression Pressure Massager can be used to massage legs, arms, feet, hands and other body parts. Our massager uses air pressure to deliver a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home. It comes with fully adjustable cuffs which allows a natural and comfortable fit around different body parts. The inflation and deflation process of the cuffs helps in improving the blood circulation along with providing relief from varicose veins, leg edema, swelling and cramps. The massager works for 15 minutes each time and shuts-off automatically. If desired, you can restart it easily.


  • Adjustable cuffs and massage modes- The massager comes with adjustable cuffs that allow a comfortable fit around different body parts. You can choose between different massage modes by pressing the mode button.
  • Adjustable power and pressure intensities- You can also adjust intensities of power and pressure according to your need.
  • Useful accessories- Air compression pressure massager comes with an adaptor for power supply and air pipes for connecting cuffs and controller.
  • Button specifications-The device comes with separate buttons for different functions. The power button switches the device on/off. The intensity control button allows you to choose level of pressure as per your requirement. By pressing the mode button you can choose between two different modes of massages.
  • Flexible measurements- The length of the wraps is 22 Inch and easy to adjust via the Velcros. They can be wrapped easily on foot and calf as well as onregular thighs with the maximum circumference up to 22 inches.


Benefits: The air compression massager helps in providing relaxation to your body. It relieves fatigue and pain by improving the blood circulation. It helps in relieving varicose veins and restless leg syndrome. The device being convenient to carry around, you can enjoy massage anytime anywhere.


Air Pressure Massager Manual 2 Curved



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